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Zen Ase is an American poet, performer and educator. She can be seen at various venues. Subscribe to see the upcoming performances. She also can be booked and will soon be releasing a book of poetry.


Zen Ase has been writing for over 35 years and has dozens of published pieces in magazines and anthologies worldwide  (under her government name lol). In college, she wrote and directed sold out stage plays for community organizations and ran a summer creative writing camp for the United Way's Ripley House. After graduation, she earned national & local awards as a writing instructor. In 2016, she began performing as Zen at the Sugar Hill Lounge on Poetry Lounge Sundays. After Sugar Hill closed, she concentrated on writing and re-emerged in 2018 as Zen Ase. She has performed at the Alley Cat Jazz Cafe, Brasil, Avant Garden, The Last Concert Cafe, The Showtime Bar and Grill, Front Deck Bar and Grill, Peace, Paint and Poetry and Capones. Now, she has created another platform for artists of many flavors. Art is laughter and healing. And storytelling (the basis of rap, music lyrics and poetry) is one of the most ancient of man's past times. Gathering at night to unwind, eat, drink, sing and tell stories was the glue of the community. And we need that glue more than ever.



When it comes to fulfilling the mission of Laughz and Lyrics, no one could exemplify it more than this lady. She provides both the FIRE- fierceness, inspiration, refreshing personality and energy and the ICE- imagination, creativity and escape that are what Laughz and Lyrics is all about. 


Life is a desert. Laughz and Lyrics is an oasis in that desert. Eat. Drink. Laugh. Meet New Friends. Leave having found a new community where you are always welcome. 

Artists , welcome home. Whether you are dancers, singers, rappers, musicians, visual artists, come vibe with us. 

Welcome to a STATE OF ZEN.

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