All plans are per show/1 week, but plan benefits can be perpetual due to the nature of podcasting, FB, IG, You tube and other streaming services. All prices are good for August and may increase later.

  • Video Plan

    Add your photos, business info to podcast promo video
    Valid for one week
    • Up to 5 pics promoting your company in a video I create,
    • You can also send your own video to be added to one episode
  • Goodie Bag Plan

    Perfect for merchants wanting to hype discounts, products
    Valid for one week
    • Option 1 -You provide minimum 5 samples, on camera review
    • Listing as a goodie bag sponsor.
    • Option 2- 6 Goodies shown on camera, mailed to winners
  • Pre - show Promotion

    Brand visibility
    Valid for one week
    • Option 1- Your business card posted on my IG & Facebook pgs
    • Option 2- Your logo & designation- sponsor on posted flyer
  • Pre- Show Promo 2

    Upgraded tin sponsorship
    Valid for one week
    • Option 1- Bus. card posted on FB and IG pages and stories
    • Option 2- Logo & designation sponsor on flyer on pgs/stories
  • Pre-Show Promo 3

    Visual impact on steroids- 10 pics on 6 pages
    Valid for one week
    • Pics/busin. card & your social media promoted on my IG & FB.
  • Ongoing Promotion 1

    Ongoing promotion whenever the video/podcast is streamed
    Valid for one week
    • Sponsor on the Facebook events page for that week
    • Verbal sponsor credit at beg/end of the Youtube & podcast
  • Ongoing Promotion 2

    Ongoing promotion through streaming and YouTube link<