A Stimulating September Awaits Us

September. There's a lot to celebrate. Kaye Jones and I are inviting you.

9/7/2018 Laughz and Lyrics first show (4 years)

9/1/2020 Zennurgy's first live broadcast (2 years)

9/5/22 Plenty of Guppies 207th day on the best seller's list in Kindle poetry


9/21 my birthday

9/24/22 Laughz and Lyrics 100,000 Poets for Change Day at the Shrine of The Black Madonna

If you're an artist, performer, writer, author, lover of the arts or an activist, this day is for you. Already on the roster Caleb Da Great Tiffany Scales Siraj Wilson Julius Fogle LaNisha Patterson and more...

It's time for the Zennurgy and Laughz and Lyrics family reunion- performers, supporters, guests, Luminary nominees and winners.

It's also time for the arts to come together to celebrate this global day. Come represent the vibrancy of Houston arts and artists. Tickets available here- https://bit.ly/Laughz-and-Lyrics-reunion-show

Vendor spaces are available at www.thebuyblackmarketplace.com

If you've never been to a Laughz and Lyrics show, click on the youtube video for a highlight reel.

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