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Adapt and Advance, FEARLESSLY!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Strategies to move forward even if you consider yourself stuck.

Uplift yourself! Refresh yourself! Inspire yourself!

This week's Zennurgist- Sebastian Hill of Knockout Foods


1. The subconscious sends signals.

2. Adapt to your audience

3. Adapting after Mistakes and Criticism

4. Life is about change and flexibility

Adapting and advancing

Step 1- Accept X 3

Step 2- Research and Search

Step 3- Change your routine

Step 4- Develop Versatility

Step 5- Seasons change, Prepare

Lose your Limits! Program your mind for SUCCESS and CHANGE. Create powerful associations. Embed powerful images. Challenge limiting thoughts. It is time to align to your natural state of being- abundance. These powerful insights will change your mindset to one of peace, joy and expansion. Mind power is the beginning of wealth. Growth begins with your thoughts. Small changes lead to big results. Some call that the butterfly effect, but when you CHOOSE your small changes with the goal of harmony, joy and success, THAT IS ZENNURGY! A Zennurific life awaits you!

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My goal is to calm, soothe and inspire. This is only the beginning. Guided meditations, affirmations, music and more podcast episodes are in production.

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