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Addressing the Inconsistencies Within

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Shanique Davis of the Talk Truth Series and author of Breaking Barriers describes herself as a child of God, and a married Jamaican author. She published her first book in March of 2020 on International Women's Day, and the title is BREAKING YOUR BARRIERS: Change Unhealthy Life Cycles & Unravel the True You. Her message is simply this: Internal change precedes external change. For us to live a life of fruitfulness and fulfillment, we MUST address the inconsistencies of our inner self. She strongly believe that she can guiding people to addressing the least talked about issues that have the most impact on their lives. As we all are facing a new year, and many of us want to change, this book may definitely be one that you want to add to your toolbox.

Facebook Author Page: Shanique MJ Davis (@thisshanique)

Instagram: Shanique MJ Davis (@thisshanique)

LinkedIn: Shanique MJ Davis

Twitter: Shanique MJ Davis (@thisshanique)

WhatsApp: 1-976-839-6121 (She's also on Skype and Duo)

Other Facebook & YouTube: TalkTruth Series

In this episode

0-5:35 Why the New Year, New me loses steam

5:36-8:59 Determine who you are affected by different thought process.

Anything Unaddressed Grows and Becomes Harder to Change, so challenge thoughts before they take root.

Be mindful not MIND FULL.

9:00-10>02 The Magic of Thinking Big

Letting the Mind Reflect on Negative Thoughts Harms Health.

Your Mind is your Employee- What jobs are you giving it?

10:03- 12:00 Qigong and breathing activities

12:01-15:39 Feed your mind the right food

15:40-18:03 Be informed not overwhelmed

Turn off the tornado of thoughts

Take control of your morning

18:04-19:11 Talk Truth Series

19:12-20:45 Cooperative Economics- Kwanzaa Day 4 Ujamaa

20:46- 24:20 Get Results

24:21- 26:30 Become a better version of yourself. Release the baggage.

"I am a barrier breaker. You can become one too."

26:46- 30 Covid and Transformation

Do your goal, even if you're scared.

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31:00 Relax and trust the process. Be a barrier breaker.

The video of the original interview is in the link above.

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