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Aesthetics- Get your Style in Order- Episode 39

1. What does style or styling someone mean to you?

2. Why is personal style important?

3. Do you feel it helps areas like confidence and self esteem?

4. Style is very personal. Do you have any tips on how style can relate to identity?

5. You mention helping to develop fashion forward companies. What does that mean ?

6. You also mentioned approaching branding and business development in an ethical manner. Could you elaborate?

7. You mentioned helping stores develop pleasing displays. What are some tips you have for this?

8. How did you get involved in this?

9. How does style relate to community life? Do you believe it's an integral part of cultural or creative expression?

10. It's woman's history month. What woman or women have inspired you?

We may discuss these questions as well as our personal journeys on this road of getting comfortable in our own skin and in the brands we've created.

There are 42 more published episodes on varying topics! Click to listen or watch the youtube videos at and

Peace and blessings.

Artists, entrepreneurs, educators and community leaders are also invited to become guests. Fill out the Would You Like to Be a Guest form found on both the links above.

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