Aligned, Aware and Unstoppable!

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Bring alignment into your life. Join me. Welcome back to Zennurgy: small changes, big results! The full episode Aligned, Aware and Unstoppable is on The Zennurgy Podcast on all podcast streaming platforms and also at One of my guests is activist and creative thinker Niecee Perkins @shesmisunderstood.20 A victim, survivor and domestic violence advocate, she is on a journey of self healing and helps young women on their journey to healing as well! They are not alone; we are all in this together. Women's empowerment is her focus. We will be discussing how awareness is a tool for growth, as well as tips for healing from breakups, betrayal and domestic violence.

This podcast also is for anyone on a journey of growth with tools to share- entrepreneurs, authors, artists, motivational speakers, educators etc who would like to share their Zen tools, their abcs of Zennurgy. If you’d like to get featured on the show, visit . Open dates on the calendly link after 1/31/21.

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subtopics in the full podcast 0-4:45 #WhatisAlignment? 4:46- 7:37 #YourLifein5chapters. 7:38-9:34 #FindwhatalignsYOU! 9:35-12:18 #DevelopAwareness 12:19-13:48 #Trust Yourself 13:49-15:54 #Be Still and Know 15:55- 17:59 #Monkey 18:00-23:17 #Blue 23:18- 27:27 #LoveShouldntHurt 27:28-29:57 Fiiire and Niecee Perkins #Rebuilding #Whenyoulearnteach #HealtheInnerChild #DealingwithYourPast #Betransparent #stayaligned 40:41-45:06 What anchors You? 45:07-49:34 You have ALWAYS been enough. 49:35- 52:45 Nature helps you stay grounded. 52:46- 53:54 You are a gift to the world. 53:55- 55:48 Lighten your load to stay aligned. and more

and more

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