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Amused and Enthused

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The Power of Amusement - anyone who's had a friend make them laugh when they were down, knows the power of comedy. A joke can make you see your day, week, month, life and/or the world differently. It gets behind your defenses, changes your mood and sometimes stays with you as you think about its truth later. I have the pleasure of welcoming four amazing comedians to Zennurgy.

Kaye Jones, the singing comedian, provides both the FIRE- fierceness, inspiration, refreshing personality and energy and the ICE- imagination, creativity and escape that are what Zennurgy s is all about.




James Trotter is a writer, musician, slam poet, actor, and educator who resides in Houston. He has performed all over Texas as well as in Seoul, Beijing, Paris, London, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City. He is a co-founder of the hiphop improv theatre group the Space Rhyme Continuum which has performed at Trillfest, Fronterrafest, Comedy Sportz Theatre, and the Battle Station Improv Competition. In addition to his writing and performing, he teaches these disciplines and has done so at many schools as well as in homeless shelters and to hospital patients.

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The Zennurgy podcast launched 10/11/20, 15 episodes released, new episode released weekly, 2.5K views/downloads. 27 cities and 8 countries. Found on multiple streaming platforms- Pandora, Iheartradio, Google Podcast, Apple podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon, Audible, Itunes, Overcast, Safari and many more. Advertise your art, your business, your causes. Fuel for Mind, Body and Soul- Zennurgy! Audio only sponsorships available here-

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