Artistry- Episode 42

1. What does artistry mean to you?

2. What is its foundation?

3. Is it something you're born with or do you have to develop it?

4. Is it important? If so why?

5. How is it developed and maintained?

6. Who is responsible for developing it?

7. What do you consider are the most important aspects of it?

8. How does it relate to personal life, to business, to community life?

9. Who would be the best examples of artistry?

10. Poetry

11. Your goals as an artist

12 What poets have inspired you and why?

We will discuss these questions as well as our personal journeys as artists. There are 41 more published episodes on varying topics! Click to listen or watch the youtube videos at The audio is also on all podcasting platforms and available by googling The Zennurgy Podcast. Some links are here

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Peace and blessings.

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Check out my guest- poet and author Kimberly Bolden.

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