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Becoming Bridge Builders- CRT and the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

The soft bigotry of low expectations was originally coined by Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush. It refers to how some of the policies and philosophies of political leaders and influencers impact and relate to minorities — especially in the black community. It is based on the flawed notion that blacks are unable to achieve success in American society. Critical race theory is being used as an extension of that philosophy.

Critical Race Theory

Here are most of the core concepts of critical race theory.

1.Racism is institutional and not merely individual bigotry.

Racism is the use of institutional power by anyone to oppress or deny a group their rights based on race.

2. Race neutrality is the exception rather than the norm.

Most decision makers are not race neutral. So, on many occasions injustice is perpetuated because of racist considerations.

3. White privilege is real.

Look for injustice when dealing with the system. Remember that laws were originally made only to protect the rights of educated, white, male land owners.

4. Minority poverty has both a systemic and an individual component.

5. People of color are not monolithic.

Each racial group is a diverse group with diverse interests.

6. Political activism is imperative given the history of oppression and injustice.

The minority community must be proactive, organized, and unified to take their rightful place in America.

7. Given centuries of economic and systemic oppression that exceed the ability of a single act or law to redress, reparations must be made.

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