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Benefit Others and Benefit Yourself

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

This episode on the power of giving is dedicated to every volunteer, community organization and individual who gave of themselves throughout the pandemic and especially last week with the horrific winter storms. It's an uplifting look at giving from manty angles. Share it with those givers you know. It will inspire them, uplift them and remind them of the difference they are making in the lives around them. May you be encouraged and richly blessed. ❤ If you want a harvest, you have to sow a seed. In other words, you have to give to receive; otherwise, you are a thief trying to thwart natural law. Join JoAnn "The Lovely Lola" Hosey Host of Vibing w/ Soup & Lola Publisher Motivation Point Publishing Director of Motivation Point Resource Center and I as we discuss the law of giving, This is NOT a podcast about money.


  1. Don't Block the Flow 0-3:59

  2. Giving and Receiving, a Lifestyle 4:00-5:00

  3. The Fear of Giving 5:01-7:40

  4. The Circle of Giving Makes Life Work 7:41-11:15

  5. Pay it Forward 7:41-11:15

  6. Be a Channel and Kaye Jones ( last pic on the gallery) 13:19-19:18

  7. Giving to the Next Generation 24:36-34:07

  8. Blessing our Circle of Influence 34:44-45:06

  9. Be wise in Giving 45:07-49:36

  10. Reciprocal Relationships 49:40-59:16

  11. Laws of the Universe 59:17-1:03:11

  12. Poetic Justiz Spit Truth- Black History Month- 1:03:12-end

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Poet, essayist, teacher and host Zen Ase is on a mission to help people Get Zenned! Stay Zenned! And Spread Zen! Through inspirational merchandise, the arts and her podcast Zennurgy, she provides resources for building a better life. Https://

Some of us are still straight shooters. We believe there is a beauty in frankness, in standing up for what we believe and remaining true to ourselves. Show your pride in freedom of speech with a poetic flair. But to go even deeper, this design in about unity, about having the back of your brother and sister, about how truth can cut and can also be a protector, and about authenticity. It also encourages you to think outside the box, and use your art- hence the microphone and pen, and your unconventionality (the Z) in your search for justice.

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