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Updated: Feb 10

Are you spinning your wheels or are you nearing your goals? Join me Sunday as author, poet and actor Yolan Young and I discuss purposeful, directed, activity. Boost your effectiveness. Get results.

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APOET’S POET SPOKEN WORD ARTIST, WRITER, ACTOR, ACTIVIST says, "GOD AND POETRY SAVED MY LIFE. GOD AND POETRY OPENED DOORS FOR ME I NEVER KNEW EXISTED." His latest film P.E.N.S. - Poetic Energy Needed in Society is an official selection in the Montreal Independent Film Festival, The Indie Fest Film Awards, and The Canadian Cinematography Awards. He is also the 2020 Luminary Artist of the Year.

Meet the poet whose heart pulsates with his passion for the art form that saved his life. Fans proclaim his energy is contagious, his message overdue. The spoken word performer and actor known as Yolan A Poet’s Poet was born in San Diego, California to working-class parents with their own penchant for writing and dramatic interpretation. Yolan, a former gang member, has seen the worst and best life has to offer; both inspire him.

After he was nearly felled by a massive heart attack, and was added to the heart transplant list, Yolan sought greater purpose. Poetry became his release. These days, he taps into an inherent ability to match words to feelings, verse to reason, meters to moments, and linguistic patterns to deeper meaning. Where many succumb to illness, Yolan perseveres and channels the rhythm of the manmade chambers implanted inside him to spread messages of power and pride through every mic he touches.

A history enthusiast, Yolan identifies generational guideposts to pen poems that resonate and inform. From the scourge of the crack epidemic to the viciousness of Southern California gang violence to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the continuing plague of racial injustice, his performances thunder with truth, intelligence, and practical reason. He cunningly adds hints of hip-hop culture and politics into his work to enhance his broad appeal. Yolan brings reliability to the stage by infusing heartwarming personal experiences into most of his work. If you listen close enough, you are acutely aware of the influence Gil Scott-Heron, Dr. Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Edgar Alan Poe, Langston Hughes and others have on the artist. The result? Audiences flock to see the award-winning poet perform at the Houston Improv, Houston’s House of Blues, NRG Stadium, and top venues across the nation. Yolan is a published author of the brilliantly written book; The Unknown Child Named Yolan.

You tube video of the episode below. Click to watch.

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