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Count the Cost

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

The Zennurgy Podcast is fuel for life. And life has many components.

Here are a few :

1. Career

2. Children and Family

3. Creative Endeavors

4. Education

5. Health

6. Finances

7. Community

8. Country

9. Philosophy and Morality

10. Friendships

These areas come with both costs and benefits. The life you want doesn't happen by accident. It too costs. Join us as we discuss the idea of counting the cost and how that pertains to living our best lives.

Find past podcasts on any streaming platform. Some links here: Youtube videos here also.

And episodes also here

Audio and video promotions also available.

There are 38 more published episodes on varying topics!

Click to listen or watch the youtube videos at The audio is also on all podcasting platforms and available by googling The Zennurgy Podcast.

Peace and blessings.

Artists, entrepreneurs, educators and community leaders are also invited to become guests. Fill out the Would You Like to Be a Guest form found on both the links above.

Poet, essayist, teacher and host Zen Ase is on a mission to help people Get Zenned! Stay Zenned! And Spread Zen! Through inspirational merchandise, the arts and her podcast Zennurgy, she provides resources for building a better life. Https://

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