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Creating Financial Confidence and Competence- Episode 40

Aimee is the Money Confidence Coach. She helps families to master their money and create confidence in their ability to solve the money problem. Her principles and style of teaching allow you to create the financial life you dream of without living on beans and rice or ramen forever or never seeing your family because you're putting in 80 hour weeks. YOU can live your life while improving your finances! When she's not helping Moms become Money Masters, you can find Aimee hanging out with her hubby and 3 children or binging Blacklist on Netflix while trying to beat the next level of Candy Crush.

Enhance your Lifestlyle! 20 page workbook. 16 goal setting areas. 2 pages shown. 18 toolbox builders. Comes in a resealable sleeve that includes the workbook, a blank journal, tabs, a motivational wristband, a bookmark and a pack of stickers. Can be used with the podcast Zennurgy. Each one of the topics is elaborated on in the podcast episodes

Can be bought in pairs for a discount (couples, friends, relatives, accountability partners) or in sets for book clubs, youth or church groups, frat/sorors/community groups Ladies group? Men's group? Youth group? Charter school? Bible study class? Book club?

Zennurgize your Life is the goal setting package for you. Compact, organized, enough meat to chew on, but won't choke your wallet OR your brain.

Take that Vision Board party beyond the posterboard. Order today. Level up in 2021! Start now!

Here's how-

$17.50, includes shipping, $15 local (delivery/ pick-up)

2 for $37, includes shipping ($5 discount) $25 local/pick-up

Order from my website, or single pack here - paypal.

Artists, entrepreneurs, educators and community leaders are also invited to become guests. Fill out the Would You Like to Be a Guest form found on both the links above.

Personal development packages below

The package for volume 1 can be purchased at

The full workshop is available at

volume 2-

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