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Decisive by Design- Episode 30

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Join me for a Zennurgy discussion on decisiveness with comedian Stacy Anderson.

1. Are you decisive?

2. How do you go about making decisions?

3. Do you use pro/con lists or go with your gut?

4. Do you get advice from others or do research?

5. Do you feel peace after making decisions?

Or do you worry?

6. Have you gotten better at making decisions

as you've gotten older?

7. What did you learn from your bad decisions?

8. What made them bad decisions?

9. Have you ever experienced decision paralysis?

10. What advice do you have on making decisions?

There are 38 more published episodes on varying topics! Click to listen or watch the youtube videos at The audio is also on all podcasting platforms and available by googling The Zennurgy Podcast. Some links are here

Peace and blessings.

Artists, entrepreneurs, educators and community leaders are also invited to become guests. Fill out the Would You Like to Be a Guest form found on both the links above.

Poet, essayist, teacher and host Zen Ase is on a mission to help people Get Zenned! Stay Zenned! And Spread Zen! Through inspirational merchandise, the arts and her podcast Zennurgy, she provides resources for building a better life. Https://

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