Arm yourself with Accountability! Access your Arms! Increase Your Will Power!

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

An unexamined life, is a life on autopilot.

Some highlights from this episode's exploration of ACCESS include-

> tips to add, remove, move or substitute (ARMS) what has access to you

> tips on how to withstand the testing of your resolve

> time management tips

> lessons from Zen Master Myles Monroe on the power of choice

> lessons from Zen Master Eric Thomas on boundaries

> Goals should clarify what you allow. Goal planning tools - the passion planner and the lifeboard

> Beauty, harmony and communion

> The stockpile of willpower

Some highlights from this episode's exploration of ACCOUNTABILITY include-

> Accountability prevents crashes.

  • course corrections

  • Zen Master Tony Robbins

> Accountability keeps us honest.

  • lessons from Ben Franklin on rationalization

  • teachers

> Discipline

  • Checkpoints and reporting times

  • Honest self reflection

  • Sacred Woman by Queen Afua

> Accountability provides structure, support, encouragement and modeling.

> Accountability partners prevent overthinking and provide logic

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