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Enter our Giveaway- It ends soon!

Just in time for the holidays, we're giving away 100 copies of this heartwarming book by an award winning Congressionally recognized educator. Zen Ase has taught 8th- 12th grade for a total of 28 years. She has run writing summer camps and worked with Writers in the Schools. She has several local and national awards. Her first two books were Amazon best sellers. Now, here's your chance to get her next book for free but only through 8/15th. The paperback is available here.

You are Wanted and Loved Because You're You is a rhythmical celebration of self love for both young and old. This Zen Gem 💎 Whole Family Tale will lift the hearts of young and old and boost the self acceptance of both the readers and the listeners. An entertaining and creative way to address and celebrate individuality and self worth among children, teens and adults, this book by a veteran teacher is one you'll embrace reading again and again as it affirms your priceless worth.

Free tickets for her next writing workshop 12/11/22 can be found here.

Tickets for the next comedy, music and poetry show 12/11/22 are here.

Show highlights from a previous show below.

This book has been snapped up by dozens of educators within the first few days of the release of the paperback. Loved by counselors, parents, APs, principals and teachers, it's a must have for your family, counseling practice or classroom. Follow Zen Ase on her social media pages . The trailer for the book with a look at 9 of the illustrations inside this 35 page book will be released in days!!!

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