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Zennurgize Your Life

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Get motivated! It's time to Zennurgize Your Life! Utilize the book that was on the Amazon best seller's in Mind, Body and Spirit for the 19 days!

Author Zen Ase invites readers to go beyond the ordinary vision board exercise and take a journey to mental wellness with a unique, hands-on, and functional guided journal. When you begin the "Zennurgize Your Life" method, you kick off the process with five different targeted prompts, an array of interactive graphics designed to stimulate both the left and right brain functions and engage in setting goals in a fun way.

The resource is an easy-to-use 29-page resource you can use to destress and rejuvenate your mind. Start each day without the dreadful feeling of being overwhelmed, fatigued, and lost. Best of all, Zen Ase has done away with canned, cookie-cutter approaches to self-improvement. Each reader's process is customizable. You are in control; you design your experience. The book uses the reader's relationship with music, movies, books, role models, and affirmations. This unique journal incorporates prompts and graphics to ramp up motivation, enhance your mood, and help the reader decompress, without any distracting and unnecessary bells and whistles, and minus the obligatory "homework" like prompts. Now you can "Zennurgize Your Life" simply and effectively while stimulating both your logical and intuitive sides.

What's more "Zennurgize Your Life" inspires readers to enhance creativity and crystallize their visions.

Zen Ase set out to introduce a journal that combines goal setting, visualization, reflection, and self-care to accelerate personal transformation. Her "Zennurgize Your Life" program accomplishes all that and more.

"This book is designed by a woman who has journaled since fifth grade, yet never finished a guided journal", says the author. "'Zennurgize your Life' pulls in all the tools our minds, hearts, and imagination innately use to foster growth. What's more, the content is created to ensure the reader is engaged from beginning to end!

Music, movies, stories passed down from generation to generation, books and memories can become tools for personal growth! Learn how using these everyday resources as success hacks in this one-of-a-kind book, a book which will become a trusted companion on the worthwhile, fulfilling journey of self-care and growth.

Get motivated! It's time to Zennurgize Your Life!

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