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Queenz Conquer Challenges

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Queenz Conquer Challenges. Yes, we will talk about being strong. We will also talk about the challenge of letting that "strong" burden go and asking for help, cutting yourself some slack, doing self care and putting yourself first. Breathe. You, young lady, have nothing to prove to anyone. You are enough Good enough. Strong enough. Pretty enough. Smart enough. Successful enough. Spiritual enough. Your goals are for you, and you can change them. Being strong is facing challenges and just as importantly finding your own balance.. What good does it do a woman if she gains the whole world and loses her soul? So take a minute and lift your head. Pat yourself on the back. Smile at yourself and say. "Girl, you are amazing." Because you are. And don't let anything or anyone take that from you. This year celebrate you, flaws and all. Because self love can be the greatest challenge of all in a culture that makes more profit by making us feel inadequate. Listen or watch. Then indulge in merchandise NOT meant to make you feel anything but inspired, uplifted and valuable.

check out Mayam Robinson here (book, personal development package and past podcasts) (merchandise and affirmations) Give the gift of lift! May you walk in Zennurgy!

44 min Published on February 28, 2021 at 7:23 pm CST

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