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Take Control !

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

John Ross Dike is a husband, actor, educator, podcaster, artist and entrepreneur. He has a podcast called What's Next?! You can find him at ; IG: @johnrossdike, @still_visionary; @thewhatsnextpod_. Join us as we discuss the concept of control.

This episode sponsored by the What's Next Podcast.

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The full episode includes the topics below.

1. Control, virgos & acting 0- 8:43

2. Control, poetry & podcasting 8:44-13:44

3. The Dark Side of Control 13:45- 18:25

4. Control your direction 18:26- 21:52

21:53-28:39 control your reel

28:41-32:26 control your ideas

32:30-39:55 controlled by destiny

40:39-47:17 control your belief system

47:22- end control your choices


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