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The Art of Appreciation- Even in the Storms of Life

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

I enjoyed my interview with Saran Adams. This Houston business owner could have died or been seriously when she fell from a kitchen ledge at the age of two. Instead of being traumatized, she described herself this way:

" I Am Reliant, I Am Love, and I Am Grateful. I am a Houston native that resided in Dallas for about 5 years when I was young. I was sitting on the window in the kitchen playing with my doll while my mom cooked. I remember swinging my feet and going over the ledge. A beautiful bright and warm light encapsulated me and laid me on the ground. I was 2 stories up. My mom was frantic but said I was lying there with a huge smile on my face. My check up showed I was fine. From that point on I knew I was special. I started my spiritual journey full speed at 16 years old. I am appreciative of my journey. I am a massage therapist, surgical technologist, Intro Operative Neuro Monitoring Tech, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Worker, Mother, Wife, Sister and Daughter. I believe in being a servant of the people. I love people. I am and will always seek out knowledge. My motto is to follow your spirit."

Join me as we discuss appreciation and other tools to enhance your well being.

Appreciating a difficult childhood 1-15:99 Appreciating the dark times that bring you to the light 16:00- 18:54 Appreciating finding your voice and your limits 18:55-24:31 Appreciating the people that come through your life 24:32- 28:10 Appreciate the journey 28:11-29:40 Appreciate the lessons 29:41- 31:22 "Don't stay stuck." Appreciate the little things, especially nature 31:23- 32:41 Appreciate your uniqueness, develop self-love 32:42- 39:30 "Live your Truth" Appreciate your elders 39:31- 42:00 Appreciation Wrap- up 42:01- 45;52

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