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The Power of Assurance

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

In uncertain times, there is a power in taking stock of what you know to be true. This assurance trumps temporary setbacks, doubters and gives us the courage to take on the challenges of life. Join artist, composer, and singer extraordinaire Sydtheman

(IG: @indiefriendly IG: @iamsydtheman) and Zen Ase, the multi talented poet, author, designer, and host for a Zennurgizing, uplifting and practical show! The music, conversation and story telling make this episode one you do NOT want to miss!

  1. Self-determination 0-4:03

  2. Practice yields assurance 4:04-8:52

  3. Polish your presentation 8:53-12:27

  4. Assured and Original 12:28-24:44

  5. The Costs of Assurance 24:45-33:01

  6. Secure Your Identity 33:02-41:16

  7. Secure and Single 41:17-43:50

  8. Sydtheman's Journey to Assurance 43:51-51:54

  9. Be a Sponge 52:00- 59:26

  10. Neo Soul 59:27- end

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Poet, essayist, teacher and host Zen Ase is on a mission to help people Get Zenned! Stay Zenned! And Spread Zen! Through inspirational merchandise, the arts and her podcast Zennurgy, she provides resources for building a better life. Https://

Past podcast interviews online at and on all podcast streaming platforms. Https://

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