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The Spirit of Adventure- Episode 41

Are you surviving or thriving? Some people say, "Some days you're the pigeon. Some days you're the stature." But there are ways to cope with being the statue and move beyond that place of powerlessness. Tune in as we discuss that.

What have you survived? How did an adventurous spirit help you not only survive but thrive? This is testimony time for some, and gratitude time for others and an ability to uplift for all.

Are you ready???

Spoken Word

interactive discussion

food for thought

inspiration, motivation and more

We've had 41 episodes with over 50 different local and national guests

We have viral videos and subscribers in 58 cities and 25 countries

We launched 10/11/20 and already stream on 25 platforms and are ranked in the top 10% of podcasts globally

Coming to bless the is a line up including Felicia Shantell (Poet Goddess Fe), Socra Teez and Zen Ase. Tune in. Subscribe. Share. Enhance your life! Impact your Circle!

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Artists, entrepreneurs, educators and community leaders are also invited to become guests. Fill out the Would You Like to Be a Guest form found on both the links above.

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