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The Whats Next!? Podcast Episode 44

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

John Ross Dike I said, " I have been told before that I have a nice voice! I in turn have agreed subconsciously and have echoed the same sentiment about others. I remember meeting Zen Ase at the I Am A Survivor Seminar sometime earlier this year and I thought; 'Yo her voice is nice!' I approached her after the show and introduced myself saying 'Your Fathers are not disposable piece was incredible.' I went on to say, 'I think you have a beautiful voice; I do a podcast and would love to have you on sometime!'

Well the moment is finally here!

Meet Zen Ase, a spoken word artist from the great city of Houston! We talk about her beginnings in poetry and how she started her LAUGHZ AND LYRICS show. She performs two pieces called "My Name is Zen Ase" (8:40​) and "Fathers are not disposable" (28:39​) ! In my name is Zen Ase, she details the origins of her name and states that in college people enjoyed her voice! She mentions finding purpose in her life !

It's the way she performs her poetry that has me locked in. She just flows!

Get Zen, Stay Zen, Spread Zen is her slogan, and her show is an escape she claims! We talk about branding through merch, we talk about the late great Nipsey Hussle, and we talk about the award I was nominated for on Malcolm X day and more during Get Zenned! Then she tells us What's Next!?

This episode is also dedicated to Victor Cyrus, a Performer that Zen Ase knew who committed suicide and my son!

I love you John Ross Dike II bka Baby D rest in paradise/Heaven!

Sit back, relax and enjoy Episode 44 of the What's Next!? podcast,a production of Still Visionary, Inc.

I have to define myself for myself!, Peace & Blessings."

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How John Ross and I met

Spoken word artist, Zen Ase, describes the meaning of her name and how poetry helps people cope with stress.

Fatherhood, single parenting, fathers, bitter moms, spoken word, poets, wounds, healing

Poetry, expression, safe spaces, vulnerability, home, trying new things

Mantra. Rituals, purpose, focus, goals

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