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Making History Podcast

Part 1 Join Jason Blanks and I as we discuss Consistency, national poetry month and podcasting

Part 2-

Join Jason Blanks and I as we discuss poetry, education and identity

Techniques for moving from lack to abundance are in my first book- here

Using the arts, memory, images, affirmations and more to create the life of your dreams. Order at the link above Beyond the Vision Board,- Building your goal setting tool box. The 20 page workbook has space for pictures, but also includes journals, affirmations, movies, books, places for pics of role models and more. You can also get a video of the workshop.

Poet, essayist, teacher and host Zen Ase is on a mission to help people Get Zenned! Stay Zenned! And Spread Zen! Through inspirational merchandise, the arts and her podcast Zennurgy, she provides resources for building a better life. Https://

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