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Walking in Your Divine Birthright- Episode 19

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Who are you?

Who were you born to be?

That's what we'll explore tonight. At a molecular level, all of us are energy and information. But at a spiritual level, we are infinite potential.

So many things we were taught to believe are are actually untruths. And life is calling us to walk into our birthright, our divine purpose.

We were taught fear and worry and stress and limits. It's time to unlearn those. When we were born, we knew none of those. We knew faith and trust and peace and possibility. We knew how to use our voice to get our needs met. We knew when we decided to walk, we would walk, eventually. We thought we could do and be anything. And the truth is pretty much, we can.

Think of what is happening right now as you read this. Your body is breathing, heart is pumping, stomach is digesting, immune system is killing germs, and your eyes are sending signals to your brain which is interpreting what you're reading- ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

That is just a one second glimpse of the power inside you. And when you combine that power with purpose, with faith, with surrender to your divine path, and with the knowledge that THIS was what you were born for. This is your birthright! Not paying bills and dying. Life becomes an adventure. Disappointments become happy surprises. Your future becomes a series of events unfolding that unlimited potential within you.

You begin to realize all is working in your favor and your path is brightening each day. Join Felicia Shantell and I as we discuss all this and the topics below. Share. Subscribe. Go to the website or youtube to see the video podcast of this episode/.

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Subtopics include

  1. How did we get here? 0- 4:47

  2. The Silver Lining 4:48-8:44

  3. Mentors 8:45-11:15

  4. The Butterfly Effect 11:16-16:25

  5. Reflect and Pray 16:26-19:40

  6. Expect Revelation 19:41-21:58

  7. Be Careful what you Ask For 21:59-29:04

  8. Surrender 29:05-33:10

  9. For every birth, there is a death 33:11-34:31

  10. Why worry? 34:32-36:43

  11. The $ P's 36:44-42:20

  12. Reach into the Slimy Fish 42:21-47:20

  13. The World is a Chess Board 47:21-49:08

  14. The Birth of goddess Fe 57:09-59:30

  15. Vessels 59:31- 1:04

  16. Walking in Your Name 1:04:01- !:09

  17. Feed the Higher Self 1:09:01- 1:13

  18. Seasons 1:13:01- 1:14

  19. Purpose 1:16- end click the link to see a video of her performing and to see her bio.

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