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We've been Ranked in the Top 10 % !

Zennurgy- fuel for the spirit, soul and mind. Get Zenned! Get your mind and heart in a state of peaceful growth. Stay Zenned, create a lifestyle that fuels you, one you don't need an escape from. Spread- Zen- Impact your circle with positivity. This is the mission of Zennurgy- Enhance your Life! Impact your Circle!

Every day we are growing in subscribers, shares and in those who fill their lives with our inspirational merchandise, personal development packages and uplifting content. Join the movement- Zennugize your Life!. Zennurgize your Business through promoting through our platform. We are here for you! We are here with you! May you Walk in Zennurgy!

Um, so this happened, according to reviews, shares, subscriptions, downloads and growth since inception. So first of all, thank you!!

Above is my Listen Score from, it's like Nielsen ratings for podcasts. What is Global Rank? This podcast, the one you listen to and watch sometimes , is one of the top 10% most popular shows out of 2,551,786 podcasts globally, as ranked by Listen Score. ( links, podcast guest form and scheduler here)

Since day one- 10/11/2020, it's been free to come on the podcast, and promotional ads have started at $15. It's because of you, the guests and the listeners that the score above exist.

Grow with me. Join the Zennurgy movement, if you haven't already.

Enhance your Life! Impact your Circle!


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