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Whats Next!? Episode 103: Zennurgize Your Life 1/24/21

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

John Ross Dike I said, "I thought a sure way of making money was providing a service! At least that's what I heard Michael Aigbedion say one time! That's not to say that making money is everything. But I'd be lying if I said that making money wasn't a goal. I'm 36, and if not now when! When this episode was recorded, Zen said 'The easiest way to make money is to solve someone's problem.' I thought to myself I had been missing that key all along! I see a lot of myself in Zen and her journey, and it was solving her problem that afforded me a chance to get close enough to soak up some knowledge.

On this episode, the What should people take segment came a little later because I knew it would come out when Zen got to speaking! Zen believes that (27:39​) growth takes some decisive action, and if you want to change, you have to expose yourself to new things.

She defines herself in one word (5:20​) as a catalyst because she wants to be the chain reaction that causes people to change and spread change.

In creating this workbook (9:28​), Covid and the lack on a steady income afforded opportunity for Zen to create her podcast. She thought that just the audio aspect wasn't enough because a lot of people are kinesthetic learners, meaning they need something to touch and write in! That was when she created the workbook based off the first16 principles that she would talk about in her podcast! On many pages in her workbook she includes blank lines to write down songs that inspire her listeners in different areas.

Finally, we find out Whats Next!? (49:02) for Zen!

This episode is dedicated to my son! I love you John Ross Dike II bka Baby D, rest in paradise/Heaven. When I see you again I would have served my purpose!

Sit back, relax and enjoy Episode 103 of the Whats Next!? podcast a production of Still Visionary Inc." Follow Zen Ase ​http://www.laughznlyricsmerch.com

Peace and Blessings!! John Ross I​ (VISIT!)​ (EMAIL!) (LIKE!)​ (FOLLOW!)​ (FOLLOW!);​ (FOLLOW!)​ (CONNECT!)

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