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10 Workbook packages, shipping included

Prime yourself for unbelievable success and a truly impactful year. Through working through this package at your own pace you will:


✔️ Gain full clarity of your 2021 vision and what you truly desire for your life


✔️ Create a strategic outline for the ACTION required to make bring your vision to life


✔️ Remove limiting beliefs about what's possible


✔️ Build a toolbox that can provide up to a year's worth of inspiration and guidance to mold the LIFE you dream about living...not one you just tolerate


Vision board is done? Well, whether the answer is yes or no, I have an amazing goal setting toolbox for you. Move beyond the vision board

Each individual package includes a 20 pg workbook with 16 areas to work on, a blank journal, tabs, stickers and a bookmark. Sample pages from the workbook are shown below. Video of the goal setting workshop available separately. $10. The video is not required to complete the goal setting workbook; it does includes the live motivational workshop.


One of the reasons I decided to offer this to you is because I am actually going to be taking you through a process I put myself through last year.


The cool part?


Literally 90% of what I planned came true...


But not only that...


👉 I FAR exceeded a lot of the goals I set for myself.


👉 I did my vision planning so intentionally and aligned my vision with the right strategic action and what happened has been incredible, including:


👉 Becoming my most authentic self


👉 Expanding my business and creating a new one


👉 Attracting dozens of people more in line with my goals


👉 Decreasing my debt substantially


👉 Accelerating my growth personally and professionally


And so much more.


And because you'll be creating your toolbox, these strategies will be personalized to you. #vision #visionboard #visionboards #goalgetter #goals #goal #goalgetter #goaldigge r#goals❤️#2021 #2021goals #2021planner #todo #grow #growthmindset #growthmindset🌱 #growth #evolve #evolvetogether #evolveorrepeat #evolved


And after ordering, it's not over.

You can join the Facebook group Get More From Life. Post your successes, ask questions, have access to more tools for your toolbox. You can subscribe to my youtube and to the Zennurgy podcast where I will be sharing songs, books, movies and many other tools that work in conjunction with your package.

Success is not a destination; it's a journey. Start your journey with MULTIPLE tools for success.

10 Zennurgize Your Life Volume 1 - Goal Setting Package bundle

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